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View through our entire collection of haikus. I wrote quit a few of these haikus, but not all of them, you too can submit your haiku to be included in this section of the site. The inspiration for this section of the site goes to Amy R, my favorite little word smith.

Saw a bum today
Sunning himself in the grass
As I parked my car

Amy, I found you
Apparently, you know Rob
We need to do lunch

Rob is a cool guy
I know him from YSU
Lunch is possible

old vindy building
it sure has seen better days
water gushed through wall

Some crazy weather
Snapped that tree like a toothpick
Vindy down one tree

Oh, my leg is hurt
Animals don't need health care
A lion eats me

in the wilderness
no one is being coddled
there is no health care

More office antics
...Weddings are a bleak affair
Now that is funny

if you lose your leg
then use the bone for a cane
do not be wasteful

I think to myself
Would an idiot do that
If so, then I don't

a dead animal
is stuck in the wall up here
they won't get it out

they won't remove it
"more important things to do"
that is their excuse

decomposing things
smell so very terrible
it's nauseating

white or blue collar
it doesn't matter to me
'cause i'm collar-blind

taco bell sounds good
alas, i can't go today
fridays are hectic

Lunch at taco bell?
If you want to meet us there
If not, that's okay

you are correct, sir
wonder who's responsible
for that press release?

have you given thought
to seeing a phantoms game
at the downtown rink?

i am quite lucky
i'm not near any windows
i won't get squirted

Here comes some more rain
So starts the vindy flooding
Put on goulashes

Guinness Haiku
there is no guinness
I think Mac got the guinness
what about the beer

Rubber Band Haiku
rubber band army
has invaded my work space
you must be real bored

Wednesday Haiku
this day has gone fast
i'm doing next to nothing
thursday will be fun

Car haiku
My tires are new
Again the same old rattle
That damn dealership!

tbs haiku
10 items or less
finally started to watch
not to terrible

pop machine haiku
i am so thirsty
75 cents for pop
a grave injustice

Haiku collection haiku
haiku collection
out on those there interwebs
that is freakin sweet!

daylight savings time haiku 2
i find it obscene
to wake up before the sun
"spring forward" my arse

daylight savings time haiku
kinda exhausted
daylight savings time, not cool
I want to sleep more

todays haiku
a crapload of snow
makes me drive 2 mph
pissing off others

Optimus Prime haiku
Still lives with his mom
This guy is Optimus Prime
More then meets the eye

Sex Haiku
good days to have sex
fridays, saturdays, weekdays
morning, noon and night

Birthday Haiku
Amy, it is your birthday
Go have birthday sex

Car Haiku
My tires are new
Again the same old rattle
That damn dealership!

Breakroom Haiku
old crusty donuts
are sometimes left abandoned
in the lunch room - yum!

elephant haiku
elephants were here!
i'd like a pet elephant
elephants kick ass!

My Haiku
New Moon approaches
A time for new beginnings
Flushing out old stones

Kidney Stone Haiku
I passed kidney stone
There was a terrible sound
I'm all better now

Teeth Haiku
hooray for teethers
now meo is all better
all's right in the world

Meo's Haiku
Meo was in here
missing all of his teefers
surgery today

Yesterday Haiku
story of my life
never here for the good stuff
always missing out

Quitting Haiku
Amy, you missed it
i told nicole yesterday
and she is so pissed

Happy Haiku
i found 20 bucks
at the bottom of my purse
i do happy dance!

Nicole's Haiku
Nicole is not here
got a case of the Mondays
so quiet today

Lunch Haiku
couldn't find the place
drove around in dumb circles
Ally, now owes me

Cold Haiku
my feet are frozen
trudging through mountain of snow
it not very nice

Pete's Haiku
Pete saw his shadow
now, six more weeks of winter
I'm sick of the cold

Hat Haiku
Fear the hat right now
it keeps pete warm and cozy
we need to buy some

Matt's Haiku
poor matt had no lunch
where, oh where did web guy go?
copywriter sad

5 bucks Haiku
I gonna break legs
Jay gonna be in traction
all for five dollars

Pig Haiku
The other white meat
Delicious and so tasty
am I eating "babe"?

huh haiku
Dogs swim in the sea
Fish make love, children are sick
and you drink water?

Meat Haiku
meat's dirty and cruel
milk is pumped full of hormones
don't eat anything!

Jay's Haiku
Jay has no money
He writes checks for everything
including flowers

Quitting Haiku
I need a new job
People say I do nothing
Web guy now depressed

Ninny Haiku
don't be a ninny
there's no need for depression
screw everyone else!

Singing Haiku
stupid girl singing
warbling like an injured whale
bullet through my brian

Joe's Haiku
Joe is not coaching
he leaving on a jet plane
to play some hockey

Joe's Haiku
Joe Jumped on the Plane
to follow his dreams he did
he left phantom quick

Joe's Haiku
joe has gone AWOL
hockey infected his brain
hunt him down like dog

drinking haiku
Matt planned the outing
Make him drink alcohol now
See him get shitty

Office Haiku
Office Calendar
Everybody likes pizza
Great Equalizer

Assistant Haiku
my new assistant
he works on what I tell him
he does a good job

Chuck quitting Haiku
chuck is quitting here
it would be nice to follow
to make more money

Fireworks Haiku
fireworks are pretty
go high and make booming noise
some are only duds

Dexter's Haiku
Brent Dexter is Hot
I want a button of him
He is so dreamy

hockey boys not hot haiku
hockey boys not hot
please, no more dreamy young boys
need more hockey girls

a haiku for mario ...
i miss mario
stripes streched over big belly
huffing and puffing

lunchtime haiku
My lunchtime antics
Nicole not amused anymore
I should stop the jokes

confuscious haiku
old confuscious say:
laughter is best medicine
ha ha he he ho!

Nicole's Haiku
don't despair, web guy
tiny, high heeled warrior
has worse bark than bite

time for lunch haiku
earliest lunch time ever
i ask, "what the hell?"

emailing haiku
so true and funny
best haiku you've sent so far
keep emailing them

photo haiku
pardon me, dear sir
what a strange predicament
now i fall on face

copywriter haiku
you copywriter
words are your tool of choice
I only web guy

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